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Silicate Adhesive for Detergents


Sodium Silicate in Detergents is used for removing fat particles and keeping them suspended to prevent corrosion.

In general, this material is used as a buffer solution. For centuries, liquid silicates and meta-silicates have been used as a unit in soaps. Liquid silicates are added to solid and makeup soaps to prevent rashness.


In different types commercial washing machines and self-services, meta-silicates are known as soap makers. In synthetic detergents, phosphate and other material are used, causing the corrosion of aluminum, zinc and certain alloys used in the domestic dishwasher structure.


The intervention of sodium silicate in the combination of detergents will control corrosion and alkaline attack, the elution of fats and organic oils, and reduce the calcium and magnesium content hardness.


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Silicate Adhesive for Detergents