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The Managing Director`s Message

Greetings and success for all the customers of the Nafis Silicate company who actually play a significant and undeniable role in driving the company ahead towards its specified targets.


It is hereby stated that, since 2008, Nafis Silicate Company, with the aim of producing Sodium Silicate, has started its production activity and has always benefited from the grace of God and has had honest cooperation of its staff in offering helpful services.

Observing the latest principles and standards in production, the company extends its services to the Islamic countries and will continue the path until the goals are attained.


Some of the anticipated plans in the coming year:

  • Creating employment through the implementation of the development plans and the projects mentioned.
  • Reconstruction and renovation of the worn-out equipment with the aim of increasing productivity and lifetime of the company.
  • Correcting the human resources structure by using relevant software and employing experienced and proficient staff.

Obviously, achievement of the goals of the perspective and the implementational plans requires the support and assistance of all the best and dear customers and companions.


Mostafa Maghzi

The managing director of the Nafis Silicate Sepahan company

Introducing Nafis Silicate Company