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Sodium silicate in carton industry

Application of sodium silicate in carton industry

Sodium silicate is also used in the paper, carton, laminate, and cardboard industries.

As adhesive enhancer in pulp, carton making, cardboard tubes, glass wool barrels, packing cardboard boxes and as glue in packaging lines (especially detergents).

In paper manufacturing plants, silicate is used to whiten and remove ink. It removes ink from paper fibers and helps keep them suspended and prevents reassembly on the fibers. Silicates also stabilize hydrogen peroxide, which may be added to the ink-removing formula.

Silicates play role in alkalinity, and ink-removing operations are done at lower PHs that only involve sodium hydroxide. Ink-removing in the lower PH will reduce the fogging of the solution, which is an important issue in pulp production.

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